The Bar Exam


The Nest 8pm

"Though quite different from the old nest on Alberta, this bar is fantastic. 3 floors and a great patio make this bar a great place to spend your evening with cheap drinks and an eclectic crowd."
PDX Bars

"Consider it a punk-rock family reunion in a little cabin in the wilds of Belmont."
Willamette Week

2715 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

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Barlow Tavern 8pm

"Walking into the Barlow Tavern is like entering another world—in another city, in another state, and possibly, in another decade. This is might be the closest one can get to having a beer at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks..."
Portland Barfly Magazine

6008 N Greeley Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Barlow Tavern Website


The High Dive 9pm

"The low-key feel (four beers on tap and a crowded liquor shelf) offers a nice contrast to the bright-and-busy Jolly Roger across the street..."
Willamette Week

"...a nice, serviceable, bar."
Portland Barfly Magazine

1405 SE 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

High Dive Website


Hungry Tiger Too 8pm

"A pair of 'gr-r-reat' American bar menus, one full of 'awesome' organically minded 'vegan delights' (including corn dogs and dairy-free soft serve) and the other full of classic carnivorous eats..."

"...sit back and enjoy the floorshow as the bar fills up with bearded dudes in American Apparel hoodies accompanied by stylish waifs rocking their best ragamuffin rags."
Portland Monthly

213 SE 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Hungry Tiger Too Website